Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This is us writing these blog entries. What an exciting life we lead! I've been wearing this outfit for three days. Wawawewa.
Well, friends. It's been a while since we've written. I know the readerage of this blog is large and worldwide, and I apologize to all my devoted readers who check my page every day only to cry alone in corners of rooms when there are no posts. None. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry to disappoint you. Let me explain. This is why...

1) Owen Magnier, E
2) Sully O'Sullivan, K
3) David Coleman, S
4) Liam Lyons, S
5) Jason, K
6) Italiano, She who doesn't want to be associated
7) Eoighan Ryan, E
8) Jack, K. Paul, S
9) Steven, E
10) Diarmuid O'B, S
11) Conor Kennedy, K
12) Paul McSleezer (see 8), K
13) Andrew (Cornell), S
14) Brian Sheehan, K
15) Denny Howard, E. Kevy Day, K. DOB, S. (happy daiz)
16) Nick Stanton of Apt 1A, K
17) Caoimhin O'R, S
18) Chris, 35, Germany, E
19) Darren, E
20) Austin Finan, S
21) Patrick, E
And the final scores...
E: 8 K: 8 S: 7 C: 0 as far as we know

Upon completion, we realize that we are very, very sad people. Not sad as in depressed. Sad as in Sayid. I really hope no one reads this blog anymore, and that my readership has abandoned me just as I abandoned them during the months of March, April, you know. If you are reading this, please leave a comment. Please.

She makes me really happy.

I have a friend. She has some facial deformities but we still love her. She loves to sing and dance and one day we think she'll really make it on the big stage. Her style is a little Goddess Bunny, a little Little Richard, a little shakey shakey boom boom don't you like it when I move this way.


Life is hard when you're so fucked up.