Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Cai River?

Hello! I just received a facebook message and e-mail from friends angry with me for not putting anything exciting up on here. So I'm making a quick post and putting up the one pic I have of myself so far. I'm sorry it is tourist-esque. I won't do it again! I'm on a bridge over the north branch of the River Lee. I was on my way back from the music building which is a 30 minute walk from my apartment. I would normally hate having to make this long treck through town since I'm lazy, but the area is muy lovely and it's also a perfect opportunity for me to get absorbed in some tunes. I can usually get through about 9 songs on my iPod during the stroll. I calculate things like this.

These blog things are weird and very self-indulgent. Yes. I'm just going to go with it, though.

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